Premium hybrid storage system

The Storion Smile 5 hybrid storage system represents the very best in solar energy storage.

Being hybrid, it will still produce solar power in a power cut, giving you the best of both worlds in a semi off-grid situation. This enables power to essential circuits e.g. fridge/freezer, lighting and power points for an extended period.

In comparison, A/C coupled systems (e.g. the Tesla Powerwall), will only give you power until the battery has discharged, often less than 1 day.

Whats more, the price is competitive to most A/C coupled systems. Talk to us today about your energy storage needs. Call now on 0800 PV SOLAR (0800 878 652) or email

New Premises

We are now located at 280 Devon St West, New Plymouth (cnr Morley St). Call in for a chat about solar, bring a recent power bill and we will design a system to suit. Lets get you started with some amazing savings that solar power can deliver.

Lepperton installation

Incorporating 20 half cut cells, monocrystalline Trina Solar modules with twin 3 .3 kw inverters, our customer will produce up to 6.6kw of solar power per hour. This will result in annual self-consumption of approx 9,600 watts, saving approx $2,500 in power costs in year 1. With the ever-increasing cost of power, these savings will increase year on year. This represents an initial return of 20% on the investment, a great financial result for our customer. On the environmental side of the coin, this system, over its lifetime, will eliminate 60 to 80 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere. A great social result.


Who you gonna call?

I would like to bust a myth about PV solar. Was talking to someone on a lovely fine winters day recently. He said “would almost be enough heat to produce solar”.

Heat has nothing to do with PV solar. It’s all about light. As soon as there is light, PV panels produce solar power. In Taranaki we are blessed with above average NZ sunshine hours. DO you receive a monthly power bill? Concerned about ever-increasing power prices? Give us a call on 0800 PV SOLAR (0800 787 652) and lets do a free assessment on the benefits of solar for you.


Recently we supplied an off-grid system for our customer’s bach in the Ruapehu District. You could get a great little set up for only $9,990 inc GST (8 panels, 2.4kw inverter, 11kwh battery storage) (ex install, use your local electrician) Thinking about off-grid? We can supply anywhere in NZ. Freight free to any urban address in North/South Is (or local carrier depot). Get in touch today Ph 0800 PV SOLAR or email us
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